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    Complete this section if you are applying for a Residential Bundle or Fiber Internet

    Bundle Plans

    Elite $173.95 mo.Enhanced $153.95 mo.Essential $133.95 mo.Economy (Basic TV & 60 MBps Internet) $85.95 mo.

    Other Options

    Additional Add-OnsRental Router $10 moHD Equipment $7.95 moIn-Home Protection $6.45 moWhole Home DVR $3.95 moExpanded Plus $9.95 moShowtime $18 mo.Starz/Encore $12 mo.

    Fiber Internet Plans

    Fiber Internet with telephone 250 Mbps $69.95 per mo.500Mbps $99.95 per mo.1 GIG $189.95 per mo.

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    DSL w/ Telephone $54.95 mo. 768 KB Download 256 KB UploadDSL Plus w/ Telephone $74.95 mo. 5 MG Download 1 MG UploadDSL Ultimate w/ Telephone $84.95 mo. 6 MG or better Download 1 MG Upload (Selected Areas Only)

    Prices Listed do not include applicable taxes or fees. Our service terminates at the demarcation box outside your location.

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