High Speed Internet from TVN!

TVN offers two options for High Speed Internet – Fiber Optic or DSL High Speed depending on your location. View our fiber availability map for details. Speed that fit your needs and budget!

  • Unlimited Internet Access

  • E-mail Addresses

  • Web Space

  • Spam Filtering

  • 24/7 Technical Support

  • ISP

Browse the plans below to find one perfect for your household.

TVN Internet

Fiber Optic Internet Price Plans

All Package include voice at no additional cost. No data caps with our Internet service. Upload & download speeds are symmetrical.

1 Gig*

  • Including wireless router


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*Up to posted speed where available. View our fiber availability map for details.

DSL High Speed Internet Price Plans

All Package prices are monthly recurring plus any applicable local, state and federal taxes.

DSL with Telephone

  • 768 Kbps down

  • 256 Kbps up


DSL Plus with Telephone

  • 5 Mbps down

  • 1 Mbps up


DSL Ultimate with Telephone

  • 6 Mbps or better

  • Availability varies by location


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All speeds are based upon TVN.NET internal network test. Service outside of TVN.NET is beyond our control. Many variables exist outside of TVN.NET’s network that affect speed.

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