Long Distance Providers

TVN does not offer long distance service. We allow equal access, which lets you place long-distance calls through the long-distance company of your choice.

Although we always want to be helpful to our customers, we are prohibited from discussing the long-distance companies’ prices and services. If you have any questions about the long-distance companies, please call them directly.

Company Residential Business
AT&T 1-800-222-0300 1-800-222-0400
Sprint 1-800-877-4646 1-800-877-4020
ITC Deltacom 1-800-239-3000 1-800-239-3000
Excel 1-800-875-9235 1-800-209-8133
QWest 1-800-860-2255 1-800-860-2255
Broadwing 1-800-422-1199 1-800-422-1199
MCI Worldcom 1-800-444-3333 1-800-444-3333
Global Crossing 1-800-482-4848 1-800-466-4600